“Yours Truly”

truly yours

“Yours Truly” — This is a mixed media collaboration piece that I have created with Ray Ferrer in 2013.

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24 thoughts on ““Yours Truly”

  1. I just love that banner shot of the old cameras, Rhiann. It’s wonderful. It speaks of so many things . . . the fleeting nature of new technology; mass production and its impact on the modern world; contemporary retailing; online purchasing versus traditional retailing; the desire of humans to capture their surrounds; the intransience of moments in time. I look forward to exploring more of your work. And the initial samples of your collaboration with Ray suggest great things for the future. Very best wishes, david.

  2. I always wondered if someone did a portrait of me, would they see something different then what I see in the mirror? Someone sexy, someone dreaming, someone offering calm? Or would the just see what I see? I like to look at portraits of others and wonder how much of it is real and how much of it is an artists interpretation? I believe good artists see past the surface to all that is underneath. It excites me and scares me at the same time…

  3. I like how she’s part of the background (wallpaper?) and part of the foreground. I can’t get close enough here to see what the couch is made of and it’s driving me nuts. Are those old scrips? From a prescription pad??? Just guessing here. Very clever piece.

  4. Hi 😀 The Audrey Hepburn artwork is one of my favourites of yours, but how did create her figure? Did use spray paint, screen print or paint? Your work is really clever and intriguing!!

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