“Time Goes By” – An art collaboration….

“Time Goes By” is an ORIGINAL art collaboration between myself and internationally known artist  Ray Ferrer.

Measuring 24″ x 20″ x 1.5″
Collage and background by me and the signature “Man on Bike” is spray paint by Ray Ferrer.  This piece is signed by us both and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity by both artists.


Time Goes By


21 thoughts on ““Time Goes By” – An art collaboration….

  1. Hi Rhian,

    Billions of documents discarded every year and you take a few and imbue them with meaning and a setting. Very interesting. I need to ponder this for ahwile. I also like your phrase “the secretion of art.” I find it 94% awesome and 6% disturbing and itchy-sounding.

    • The paper was antique / vintage documentation from abandoned psychiatric shelters / homes. Peoples lives were discarded and forgotten. I use them in all of my work to give them new life and share their existence with the world. Ray has amazing work. Google his name. He is all over the world. Ray Ferrer is the name

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