“Cause Unknown” – Collage on Canvas by Me…

“Cause Unknown”
By: Rhian Ferrer 2014

Collage on canvas using vintage / antique documents from abandoned Psychiatric facilities.

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This piece is $20

Available here —>  CAUSE UNKNOWN

Rhian - Cause Unknown


14 thoughts on ““Cause Unknown” – Collage on Canvas by Me…

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  2. Hi Rhian, thanks for liking my “mirror, mirror” work. This piece resontates so much with me, as the little I do know about my Mother tells me that she spent some time in a psychiatric hospital. A single woman being pregnant was considered to be mentally ill back in the 60’s! Bizzare eh! I did get a copy of my social notes some years back, and I scanned them before sending them back, so maybe I can do some therapy with them, and mirror your work with them? 🙂

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