Raccoon Skull & Antique Documents – By Me…..

This is a real raccoon skull, fully intact and fully covered in documents from an abandoned institution called Letchworth Village in New York.

This took me 7 hours to complete & measures 5 x 3 Inches. This is a great conversation piece. There are so many words wrapped all over the skull from one patient’s file. The patient’s name was “Rose Marie” and she was from Brooklyn, NY. These files are from the 1940s-1960s. I put her files into a lot of my work.

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Skull - Rhian


20 thoughts on “Raccoon Skull & Antique Documents – By Me…..

    • My artwork is a violation of someone’s privacy or the the fact that one of many New York institutions leave patient files to rot in abandoned buildings covered in dust or scattered all over the floors? I took these documents from these buildings that have been abandoned since the 1990s. I tried for 5 years to do research on this particular person that was a little girl in the 1930s to find living family, but her family gave her up to the state when they decided they didn’t want to love a child with an iq of 26 and a bad temperament. I put so much care and love into these very personal antique documents and have for 7 years now. I am sorry if you do not agree with what I do. I do not mean to offend.

      • I do find it offensive both that the records were not maintained or disposed of corretly and that you took advantage of the fact that they weren’t and seek to profit from it. This I find sickening particularly considering the nature of the womans life. She has suffered enough and doesnt deserve further humilitaion and ethical neglect.

      • I do not use these documents to humiliate or to turn a profit, if I wanted to turn a profit on the files I would just sell them….but who would want them? Nobody. I rescued these files from Letchworth…as many as I could but there are 100s of buildings worth left there, just as there are all over the world. Nobody cared about these people. They lived horrible lives and were abused. I took the files and LOVED them, made them into beautiful pieces and gave them new life! Nobody can take from the pieces their life story or full personal information, just words. This does not neglect them, it’s quite the opposite….and I hope that if my psychiatric nurse and doctors left their buildings to be abandoned and my medical files to rot that a caring woman would come and take them and make them into beautiful pieces of art that people will love and take care of.

  1. Personally, I think it is very cool, I like how you have used art to transform and acknowledge someone’s suffering. Besides, I happen to have a bunch of raccoon skulls that I found in my 100 year old barn before I renovated it into my studio.

  2. I think this is a very loving and creative way to keep the memory and lives of these people alive through your artwork. I have seen the scattering of old patient records left abandoned to rot not only in the decay and ruins of the places they were left, but in the minds and memories of the very few left who may have known them as people with their own unique characteristics and individuality and not just numbers on papers. I especially love the unique blend your put into this particular piece of art work. Thank you for rescuing the memory and lives of what few you could and for giving them the respect and care that you obviously do.

    Good luck with future adventures and explorations into these lost fragments of history and in your endeavor to create beautiful artwork.


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