Raccoon Skull Covered in Vintage Mental Health Documents

Raccoon skull covered in mental health documents. $50 This particular one sold but I can make another one just like it. I ship within the United States. Check out my facebook page for more photos of skulls I have done.

Feel free to contact me artglandrhian@yahoo.com



8 thoughts on “Raccoon Skull Covered in Vintage Mental Health Documents

  1. I know something about raccoons.
    In fact, I blogged about one.
    Hey! thanks for coming to my house.
    (If ya wanna know about my raccoon bit, ask)

  2. This piece is very cool. I like the old document collaged on top of the skull. I usually do the opposite, glue bones on top of vintage documents. Your idea is intriguing. Good luck with your relocation.

  3. I love unexpected materials and combinations in art. Very interesting piece. BTW thanks for checking in with my art blog 🙂

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