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Art by Rhian Ferrer

Contact: artglandrhian@yahoo.com

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130 thoughts on “About / Contact

  1. It’s great to know that someone enjoys your words enough to want more.

    I was involved in the Art scene in Beijing and Vancouver in the late 90s. Those were fun times. I helped to introduce Chinese artists to North America. I also helped them put on professional shows, be their translator and marketers. It was also great fun to do the reverse. Most things/work were done by hand back then, since internet and the ability to access it weren’t that developed in those days. We always had great parties and great ideas no matter the venture or mischief. In a large house that we rented, we can have an architect, a photographer, a sculptor, an oil painter, and a Chinese calligraphy painter passing through in one day. I didn’t mean to reminisce so much here, but it’s interesting how certain memories come flooding back after a little prodding.

    May you enjoy your endeavours!

  2. Hi Rhian,

    I am especially intrigued by artists like you since I am more of an analytical type who can barely draw stick figures.

    I look forward to more of your posts.

    Happy blogging!


  3. I enjoyed looking at the art (especially like the rusted metal guitar). Thank you for introducing me to your work and for taking the time to check out my blog CHICKENurture.wordpress.com!

  4. I’ve been following your husband Ray’s work for a while and then when I saw the “I Have a Dream” piece today, I see that he made it with his wife (you) who is artgland, and I said, “Hey, she just followed me on wordpress”
    Small world? Well, cool anyway… All the best for you… I’ve been enjoying his work so look forward to exploring yours as well.

  5. You’ve a lovely spirit. It will all come back to you for helping people to do what they love. You’ve started the circles from coin dropping in the water of love and some will pay it forward soon and so on and so on…

  6. i lived among the Chinese in my youth and admired their art. One style I remember is that they stare at the empty paper or canvas for a long time, visualize what they will put on it and then transfer that picture onto the canvas rapidly. I think I am right about this.

    Anyway I speak and read and write some Chinese. Their calligraphy is a true art form, as is another culture, Those who speak Arabic beautifully paint their calligraphy on their mosques.

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